In addition to her solo career as a music
experimentalist, Italian native Pat Moonchy
is one half of the duo Sothiac. She has 
collaborated with trombonist Angelo Contini
and jazz drummer Lino Liguori.  Moonchy has also performed with Tai-No Orchestra and German krautrock legends Faust.

Pat has a special feeling for birds: she enjoys singing in front of the cliffs with the seagulls or communicating with raptors in the high mountains.  In Nature, Pat observes the sky and listens among the trees. In the city she enjoys being seized by light and its reflections, and to experience the spatiality of sounds. Pat resides in Milan and London. 

Todd lives near Cleveland, Ohio with his family. Whenever possible, he likes to get into the woods or be near water. 


                                                                                                         PAT MOONCHY                                  TODD TOBIAS                                              

Moonchy & Tobias is an art rock duo born in 2018 with the appearance of their first self-titled album Moonchy & Tobias, released by Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

 joined Robert Pollard (Guided By Voices) in the psychedelic rock trio Circus Devils (2001-2017).  Since 2012 Tobias has been releasing solo instrumental works of atmospheric mood music with the help of Hidden Shoal and Tiny Room Records.

Todd has also collaborated with Stefan Breuer in The World of Dust and Steve Five in Brother Earth.

 Todd Tobias began playing drums and bass                 guitar in bands in and around the Cleveland and Akron, Ohio area with brother Tim Tobias during the 1980s and '90s. In 2001 the Tobias brothers